Thursday, March 11, 2010

Journaling with Pisces and The Moon

Pisces energy encourages our spiritual creativity, so now would be perfect time to try some creative writing or journaling. You may have already felt more drawn to indulge in your creative side; crafting, writing poetry, etc. Yet Pisces energy is best utilized if this creativity is focused inwards - for the purpose of self-discovery or personal spiritual enlightenment. We can utilize the imagery and meaning of The Moon card as a guide to the mysteries within ourselves, uncovering the secrets of our psyche and baring our soul to the healing light of the moon, so to speak. Here I will explore some prompts and possibilities for journaling and creative writing with The Moon.

Questions to ask yourself;

The dogs, towers, and dismal terrain symbolize your fears; what do they represent to you?

What have you forgotten?

What do you instinctively want to do?

What kind of cycle or pattern are you repeating?

Are your actions appropriate to this particular situation or are you responding to some past situation?

What is bewildering or confusing you?

What is real and what is illusory?
These questions are from the book, "Tarot For Yourself" by Mary K. Greer. There are a number of ways you can use these questions.
First, you can meditate on the image of this card, and then in your journal or on your blog, simply write down each question and your answers. Let the answers flow from you, don't censor your thoughts or feelings, simply see where each question takes you. Write down what you feel about each answer; is this something you have always felt, or something new? Is this something you would like to change? Let yourself explore each answer honestly.
Second, you could draw a tarot card for each question. Use these questions the way you would use any tarot spread, just focus on the question and see what an additional card will tell you in addition to your original answers. You could do this with all the questions, or just one. You could do a separate journal entry or blog for each question /card, or you could do them all together. If you don't have a tarot deck, then the first method I suggested would work just as well, or you could use an online automated tarot reading to choose the cards for you. There is an excellent Free Reading program HERE at aeclectic tarot.
Another option, if you so choose, would be to bypass the above questions and just free-write. If you have a tarot deck or want to use the automated reading, study the image of The Moon and it's meanings, then ask the Tarot, "What am I learning from this Pisces energy right now?" or, "What does my Inner Pisces want me to be aware of?" Then draw another card. Write down how this second card makes you feel, and what you think it means in relation to The Moon. You could even write down a story or conversation between the two cards, exploring what they have in common and what they could lean from each other. For example, if you drew the Page of Cup, write about how the figure on this card would react if he were placed in the landscape of The Moon card. Has he been here before? What is his mission or purpose in this place, what can he learn? How is the landscape and energy of The Moon effected by this visitor?
There are as many options and possibilities here as your mind will allow, just go with what feels right and don't hold yourself back. You can learn a lot about this card, and about yourself with some simple journal entries and creative writing! Enjoy, and Blessed Be!!

As always, thanks for stopping by, and Happy Journaling! If you choose to post your journal on your blog or journal, please include a link to this post, and leave a comment below with the link to your journal. If you choose to keep your journal private, that is fine too, but your comments are appreciated!


  1. Good articles, hope to hear more soon!

  2. I totally agree with ur statement.Self Awareness and Acceptance are the first true steps to living a balanced and happy life.