Tuesday, July 21, 2009

About This Website


Self Awareness and Acceptance are the first true steps to living a balanced and happy life. This Blog will offer weekly journaling excersizes for you to use as a tool on your journey of self-discovery.

Some will be questions, some will be creative writing excersizes. Just remember to let yourself go; be honest and don't judge yourself for what you write. As you let your thoughts flow into words, you are becoming more aware of your thoughts and feelings and thus more able to either embrace them or change them!
You can join in on whatever current Journaling Suggestion I have posted at the time, or you can search the Archives or Labels to find a certain topic that you may want to journal about!

Good Luck, and Happy Journaling!

If you choose to post your journal answers publicly on your Blog or Website, feel free to comment to each Journal post that you use and include a link to your website. Who knows, this may be the next big meme or weekly theme in the blog world!

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