Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Moon Meditation & Journaling with the High Priestess

While the Full Moon is a time of illumination, goal-setting, seed planting, wish making, and a time to begin taking steps and actions towards our goals or harvesting the benefits of our work, the New Moon is a time to look within, rest, and meditate. Now is the a good time for self-evaluation without judgement, to lovingly set ourselves back on track, nurture our inner-selves, and count our blessings. This journal includes three parts. You can choose one, two, or all three. You can do them all in one journal entry or as three separate journaling entries, it's up to you!

Journal Part 1;

This New Moon (July 21) the Moon is in the astrological sign of Cancer, along with the Sun. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, making this an ideal time to look within at our own lunar selves.
Key characteristics of the Moon include the following traits; Being Instinctive, our Automatic Responses, Our Unconscious side, Being Feeling-oriented, Mothering or Nurturing, Being dependent or needy, Being Changeable or Flexible - or being too stubborn and fundamental, or being Moody or Reactive.

Take a moment to think about these aspects within yourself. Are any of them too strong or too weak? Have you let your emotions or instincts rule your life? Are you allowing yourself to be nurturing and mothering? Are you burying or denying your emotions or not following your instincts? Allow yourself to write about these traits in yourself without judgment from yourself and without fear of judgment from others.

Journal Part 2;
Check out this excellent Meditation by astrologer Rebecca Brents. Take some quiet time to visualize as suggested. The second part of the meditation tells you to write down what you heard, felt, saw, or learned from your meditation. Don't censor or edit your words, just write down what you remember of your experience.

Journal Part 3;*
With Tarot cards, the Moon is related to the card pictured above; The High Priestess**. Take a moment to study the image. What does this card make you feel? What do you think the symbols and images on the card mean? You don't have to be a Tarot reader to do this, just let your subconscious do the work. There are now wrong answers for this exercise, because this Journal is about YOU!! Here are some questions to ask yourself. Journal the answers as honestly as you can!!

  1. What rhythms or cycles do you need to be aware of?

  2. What knowledge are you seeking?

  3. What do you need to remember or "discover"?

  4. What are you concealing? Is it appropriate to do so?

  5. How can you best use your intuitive, psychic, or dream abilities at this time?

  6. Who is seeking your counsel, or whose are you seeking?

* Part 3 Journaling questions are from the book, "Tarot For Yourself" by Mary K. Greer; I claim no rights or ownership of these questions.
**For more insights into the meanings of the tarot card The High Priestess, check this website; http://www.learntarot.com/maj02.htm Learning The Tarot by Joan Bunning

Good Luck and Happy Journaling!
If you post your journaling results on your blog or website, please remember to link back to this site! Leave a comment with a link to your blog or website!! Thank you & Namaste!


  1. I journaled tonite on part 1, feel free to come read my post!


  2. Niiice... I'll be popping in n out, I think. I've got some new/old writing goals poking me with sharp pointy things ^.^